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Ibiza photoshoot in winter

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Ibiza photoshoot in winter

Jan. 28 we got to go out again for a photo shoot in Ibiza. We always like to do this ourselves, because yes, who doesn't want to go to Ibiza while working. It is January, so we were anxious to see the weather on the island and as soon as we saw that the sun was going to shine we could book the tickets. The new collections are coming in and we have a lot of nice things to take pictures of. We make sure that every product gets a nice picture and that is also shot on a model in Ibiza. This time the three of us are going out. My sister Tamara who always takes care of the fine direction and overview of the choice of clothing for the models and my wife Nicole who often goes along for the make-up and nowadays also takes the picture herself. She represents our target group exactly and I go along as a photographer and of course mainly for the fun! Fun in what we do is always paramount and the more often we can be on Ibiza the better, because what a wonderful island it is. One of our regular models Dionne has been living in Ibiza for 2 years, so we will meet her there. We gave her the nickname Dyoncé, because we think she is the bomb in front of the camera! This time an old friend of ours is also coming along, Rochelle! She is the new model of IBZmode this year. She is really good at showing off long dresses and let's have a lot of them with us. Besides all our hand luggage, we also check in several suitcases that are really packed with samples of the new summer collection. Just to arrange our permanent location on Ibiza, where we do a lot of shoots these days, and it's time to go.



Flying in January in the Netherlands is only possible from Amsterdam. Just sitting folded for 2.5 hours in this Transavia flight where this time really every seat was taken. The enthusiasm to go to Ibiza in the winter, for whatever reason, is growing by the year. After weeks of rain in our wet little country, we arrived in sunny Ibiza. How nice this is, those sunrays on our skin and we are ready to go again! This time we chose Hostal La Torre Ibiza to sleep. Behind the bay of Sant Antoni, lies this nice place, with a beautiful restaurant on top of the rocks overlooking the sea. The food is fantastic, although quite pricey. In the summer we find Sant Antoni just a bit too busy with lots of drunken Englishmen who come to make the nightlife of Ibiza unsafe, but in winter we really like this side of the island. The bays are very beautiful and quiet and in town there is still something to do in the evening. We often have dinner with the crew at Rita's Cantina, where you can eat well for a reasonable price and it is very cozy. This evening we went to bed early, because tomorrow morning we have the first shoot day and for the ladies that means early into the make-up.


Hostal La Torre Ibiza


Got up early, scored some breakfast at a small supermarket on the way and off to Can Nulu! The sun is not up yet and of course we hope it will come through today, because yes we are shooting the summer collection! Unfortunately the sun stays away for now and while we run the steamer over all our clothes to get rid of the wrinkles, it starts to get lighter. We made some fresh mint tea and put on some Cafe del Mar music and the vibe is already very relaxed! Meanwhile, Dyoncé has also made her entrance. The ladies all look great again, so everything is now ready and we can start shooting. Besides photographing all items and sets, we also make a nice video of most looks nowadays. Then you can see just a little bit better how that dress falls. The important thing is that you can see how the product looks in real life from your computer or mobile phone at home. With the shoots we also try to give you the real Ibiza feeling and with every collection we think about whether it fits best on the beach, the city or is more suitable for a resort or beach club. We need the whole day to photograph and film everything and even if the sun is not really shining through, the light is enough to get the desired result at the end of the day. Just a big high five ''Yesssss, it's a wrap!"



Just back by bus to our rooms to bring all the stuff back there and freshen up a bit and then it was time to hit the terrace in Ibiza Town. This first shoot day was super successful and we immediately got most of the collection that needed to be photographed. We keep a close eye on the weather forecast for the next day, because that should be the shoot on the beach. Unfortunately there is a thick cloud cover on the program and we decide to postpone the shoot to our departure day. It all gets a bit tight with the check-out at our hostel and the departure back to Hollandia, but a photo shoot on the beach with a real beach collection does not really do well when the sky and sea turn gray. So we start this day quietly with breakfast at our Hostal and make it a work morning with our laptops. In the afternoon it does get a little lighter, but still the sun doesn't quite come through. Time for a healthy walk. Just into nature, because it is so beautiful in Ibiza. Soon the walk turned into a real hike and we scrambled through the rocks along steep precipices to a beautiful little bay that we could see from above. There the sea colored turquoise and we sat at the boathouse staring ahead for a while. Windless and the temperature around 17 degrees, so very doable for the time of year. The small waves chined like rippling water and very occasionally the sun suddenly came through. For a moment a moment of happiness shoots through us. Just enjoying!



Of course I could tell you about our visit to Cala Beniras, that nice little terrace and cocktail bar we visited later that day in Santa Gertrudis and how nice we stayed until late in the evening in the restaurant at our Hostel 'la Torre', but of course this blog is about the photo shoot and we still have a whole Beach Collection to shoot. These we now want to shoot on our last day at one of our favorite beaches Cala Salada, which is close to our Hostal, but according to the weather forecast the sun would shine the most at Salinas Beach. Not bad either, because this is by far my favorite number one beach in Ibiza! View our top 10 beaches on Ibiza.The beach collection had to be steamed and all suitcases were packed. We also shot some men's collection. Yes finally we have a nice collection for men and we just need a good model to shoot the collection with, so do you happen to know a wildly attractive man with that real Ibiza look, let us know! ;-) We were allowed to check out until noon and we needed that time to make sure everything was ready for departure and the shoot. The sun would come through from this time on, so after checking out we headed to Salinas Beach, which is also right near the Ibiza airport. Looking at the dark skies, we drove towards the salt fields, parked the car and first went to check out the atmosphere on the beach and whether there was not too much seaweed on the beach. In the summer they remove this neatly, but in the winter it can look pretty dark because of all the seaweed that has washed up. The last time in October, the water came so far up the beach that there wasn't even room to walk on the beach, but fortunately all that is not so bad now and we get very happy at this spot again. We walk quite a bit towards Beach Club Satrinxa where the beach looks the most beautiful and decide to wait a very long time. According to all weather apps the sun should be here by now and it is getting brighter by the hour and at 5 o'clock they even predict full sun. At 5 o'clock our plane leaves, so we really have to get going. At least it is getting lighter again and we can start the beach shoot. We are really the only ones on this beach, which is so popular in the summer, and within two hours we have everything on film. Pack up and go, because we have a plane to catch. We race to the airport to drop off all the suitcases and the ladies, so they can check in, while I take the bus back to the carrental. Not much later we look at the first images of the shoot on the plane and we are very happy with the shoot. Of course, we hope that you like the collection again and that it comes across to you in the best possible way. We had a great time and are looking forward to our next shoot in March. Then we will be back to photograph our high summer collection and the girls will show our new bikinis. I will try to write another report of our trip then too, so see you soon!


Salinas Beach Read here more about Salinas Beach


Sunny greetings,

Roy (pictured here together with the one and only Dyonce ;-)





Hostel La Torre Ibiza


Still, here are some images of beautiful Cala Beniras



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