Washing instructions Boho Bikinis

The following washing instructions apply to all our bikinis and accessories:

• Rinse your bikini with clean lukewarm (chlorine-free) water; in any case within a few hours after each swim to remove chlorine and salt.

• If the bikini has become dirty you can wash the bikini by hand in lukewarm water with a little mild soap.

• Do not let your bikini soak in the suds, but soak this short time through the water. Then rinse your bikini. Never wring out.

• Do not hang your bikini to dry in direct sunlight, lay your bikini flat to dry on a drying rack or on a towel.

• Do not store your bikini until it is completely dry. If you store your bikini if ​​it is still wet or damp, your bikini may discolour. Do not leave your bikini in a bag or wet towel for the same reason.

• Substances can fade due to highly chlorinated water. Rinse chlorine (and salt) preferably immediately before you start sunbathing again.

• Fluorescent colors (Neon) are not lightfast / colourfast; they will fade much faster in bright sunlight and chlorine than other substances. The longer in the sun, the faster the dust will fade, therefore we can not guarantee sun discoloration by the sun / chlorine! Follow the tips below to extend the life of your bikini:

• Never put your bikini or accessory in the washing machine or dryer. Lycra is a stretch material that damages the washer and dryer. • Do not use bleach and do not steam your bikini at dry cleaning.

• Do not iron.

• Do not use separate spot cleaners or plastic products, which are often aggressive.

• Avoid whirlpools, especially bikinis with reflective material may be damaged.

• Avoid direct contact with sunscreen and oil. These can damage the elastic and give stains on the fabric.

• Be extra careful when you wash underwire bras, the braces can bend.

• Pay attention! Avoid contact with rough surfaces (walls, rocks, slides, etc.). Because the bikinis are made of nylon / lycra they will go pills (= 'fluff') as a result.


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