Give yourself a summer gift: jewelry with a gypsy touch. Here you will find the most recent collections of necklaces, bracelets, anklets and earrings to complete your outfit.

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The latest jewelry

Be the first to discover the latest jewelery from our beautiful brands. Here you will find the most recent collections, from statement necklaces to minimalist earrings and everything in between.

Show yourself with jewelry

Wearing jewelry is as old as humanity. It is the way to show who you are and to stand out extra. With jewelry, people used to show how rich they were, how much power they had and which group they belonged to. Making yourself more beautiful with jewelry was not always the most important thing in wearing rings, bracelets and necklaces. Although we do not now necessarily express how much wealth or power we have, we do underline our personality and style.

Jewelry at Ibizamode

The jewelry you find at Ibizamode emphasizes a free-minded spirit, or the free and loving feeling you experience on the sunny island of Ibiza. Does this feeling suit your style and the way you live? Then here you are at the right address for your jewelry! With brands like MOOST Wanted, Mi Maria Morena, Esperanza Deseo, Mala by Love, Isla Ibiza and Tarifa Soul we have a wide range of jewelery. You will always find a necklace, ring or bracelet that matches your bohemian outfit and your free-minded flair.

Wear jewelry

Give your outfit a subtle nod to sunny Ibiza by wearing mystical earrings, a silver ring or a vintage inspired bracelet. Fine: these jewelry fit every outfit and you can keep stacking and combining with it. You can also take a firmer approach by hanging a colorful necklace around your neck, wearing earrings with large colored tassels or choosing a long shell necklace with pompoms. Combine great eye-catching jewelry with a quiet top or dress. As a result, your jewelry will stand out extra and will really start to pop.

MOOST Wanted jewelry

At Ibizamode you will find the amazing jewelry and fashion of MOOST Wanted. This brand celebrates the two greatest things on earth: women and fashion. MOOST Wanted believes that every woman is unique and beautiful in her own way and they strive to make their products as unique and beautiful. Be charming and free, sexy and smart, wise and caring, or just whoever you are is what the label tells us. MOOST Wanted started in 2012. They are inspired by the style of gypsies and founded in San Francisco. The creative atmosphere of this city inspired the label so that they started their own dream label at home in Amsterdam. The clothes and jewelry are designed with a lot of love and care. The DNA of MOOST Wanted fits seamlessly with that of Ibizamode. We are therefore proud that you can buy the jewelry from MOOST Wanted.

Jewelery from Mi María Morena

Just like a fantastic jewelry label is Mi María Morena. This is a Spanish young brand that makes handmade accessories and jewelry that they would like to wear every day. Mi María Morena puts you in the center. Their credo: nobody can tell you how to dress. You decide. Mix as much as you like and how you want. Have fun! Those jewelry by Mi María Morena are more than fashion, it gives you the same overwhelming feeling as the last song of a concert. Their latest collection is the result of a fusion between the most current trends and age-old traditions from distant cultures. Real bohemian must-haves!

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