Necklaces with charms, shells and braided material. Finish your look with a statement necklace or a cool necklace, at Ibizamode you'll find it all!

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Long chains with charms

We find long necklaces with a single exotic charm such as a coin, feather, shark tooth, shell or other decoration very beautiful.  It gives your outfit extra depth and it makes you a bit mysterious. Wear your necklace on a nice, simple sweater or dress and let your necklace speak for you. When you vary in length with this type of chains, you can wear different chains together. Your chains will tell you more about you and your bohemian style without speaking.

Dance the night away with a necklace

Are you in a  party mood, choose a striking necklace with a lot of color. At Ibizamode you will find chains with brightly colored frills, stones, pompoms and beads. These chains shine around your neck like stars in the night. Because all the chains at Ibizamode look cheerful and summery, they immediately remind you of long and sultry summer evenings. When it is cold outside and the winter does not seem to want to go by, you can bring a lovely summer sun to you with the distinctive chains of Ibizamode.

Necklaces to the beach

Are you going to the beach for a day and looking for an accessory that gives your beach dress or tunic something extra? A long necklace with beads, tassels or shells is a very good option. By wearing such a cheerful necklace you make your outfit more summery. If you go swimming in the sea, keep your chain carefully in your beach bag so that it can not be damaged. Are you going to have a bite to eat at a cozy beach tent? Put the necklace around your neck and be a real bohemian beach babe.

Symbolic chains

At Ibizamode you will also find chains that have a special symbolism. A good example of this is the chain with a prayer box as a charm, or a prayer box or wishing box. In this box you can do a small note with a wish for yourself or someone else. Keep an eye on the Ibizamode collection to see if we have these chains (again) in the collection.

A bit of history about the chain

About 2,500 years before our era began, the gold-made chains were created. For that, chains were made of bones, teeth and shells. The Egyptians developed the chain of gold and they always invented new techniques for manufacturing gold jewelry. As a result, the creations became more and more complicated, expensive and larger. Only the elite could still wear this jewelry and they were even buried with it. Because: the more gold around your neck, the more respect. Fortunately, chains can now also be made from completely different materials than just gold. This makes chains available in all price ranges. Great, because as a result you can regularly give yourself a new necklace. This way you wear a different bracelet with every outfit that underlines your personal style.  At Ibizamode the shipping costs of jewelry are € 2.95, -. The jewelry is sent as a mailbox package, provided that they can be delivered by the mailbox.


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