Summery wrap sandals

Is a simple slipper too minimalistic for you and are you looking for something special for your dear, loyal subjects this summer? A wrap sandal could very well become your perfect companion! The word says it all: a wrap sandal is a sandal of which you wrap the straps around your ankles and/or lower legs. Wrap sandals are real jewelry for your feet.

Special straps

Summer is at your feet with the winding sandals from Ibizamode. The straps of the winding sandals at Ibiza Fashion are extra long and often set with beads, stones or shells. The straps can also stand out because of the print they have. In our online shop you will find many different variants in color, prints and design. Because we have such a large selection of wrap sandals, there is always a copy that is exactly your taste. Are you going for a wrap sandal with a striking leopard print, do you choose a bright color or do you lose your heart to a neutral version?

Just knots

You may need to practice if you are not used to wearing wrap sandals. But we assure you: after practicing once, you have mastered the knotting of sandals. With some designs, you have a lot of freedom to choose how you tie the sandals. Then you can, for example, choose to tie the wrap sandals low around your ankles. Or you can tie the sandals more correctly so that they go towards your knee and you get the gladiator sandal effect more. With other designs, you cannot choose how you wrap the sandals. The designer of the sandals has already made a choice and adjusted the design of the sandal accordingly.

In the spotlights

With a wrap sandal, you attract attention to your legs, ankles and feet. Take good care of these parts of your body, since you put them in the spotlight with wrap sandals. For example, give your toes a nice tan and combine your wrap sandals with a piece of beautiful ankle jewelry. When you wear a nice skirt or dress with your wrap sandals, your legs will get the attention they deserve.

Order butterflies in your stomach

Have you found your favorite wrap sandal? Quickly see if your size is still there and click the pair to your digital shopping basket. If you order before 5 p.m., we will do everything to make you happy by delivering the winding sandals to you the next day. We hope that you will wait for your order with a big smile and a little excitement. And that when you unpack your order, your smile transforms into a broad smile, because you get butterflies in your stomach now that you see your new wrap sandals in real life.



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